Sunday, May 30, 2004

Crash Testing: MINI Cooper vs Ford F150

I found this through Blogdex:

Crash Testing: MINI Cooper vs Ford F150

The point of it is that large cars don't necessarily protect well in an accident. That's counterintuitive, but I have no qualm with it. What really stood out to me is that the car I'm driving is fourth from worst on the table they present.

I've been thinking more and more about what I'd want in a new car. My first thought was "hybrid" for the gas mileage. Then I saw something on slashdot which said they don't do as well as they claim. (The car makers are required by law to claim only what the EPA test says, and the EPA test is based only on emisions, which isn't a very good test for a hybrid car.) Then I was thinking of just doing whatever Consumer Reports says. Now I see this. Choosing a car was a lot easier before I started spending ten hours a week in one.

The other thing I really want in my car? Something that'll play Ogg and MP3.
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