Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Grand opening.

I opened this thing thinking I might not stick with it. So I didn't spread the word far.

As it turns out, that BlogThis! gizmo really is pretty easy, and it has prompted me to share a bit. Also, I tend not to write at such great lengths in this little box, as opposed to my email, where I can't seem to get anything out if it doesn't have close to 2000 words.

Whatever the reason, I think I'll keep at this. What I'll keep doing isn't completely clear to me, but I have a few thoughts.

It won't be too personal. I want to be comfortable if pretty much anyone finds this thing.

It won't be comments on things from sites where I could comment. That is, if I'm going to comment on some link I got from Slashdot, I might as well comment at that site. On the other hand, it might be nice to let my friends and family know which of those many things I find most interesting.

I'll keep posting news stories about ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Otherwise, it'll be whatever I find interesting. What I'm interested in tends to wax and wane. I'll get into cryptography for a while, be very interested, and then after a while I'll lose interest in whatever project I started. I'll move on to something else. Eventually I come back to where I was before.

Hopefully I'll keep this going, and it will be interesting to more than just me.
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