Thursday, March 31, 2005

Heart disease, women, frivolous lawsuits, and wealth.

It says here,
Since more women live to adulthood and beyond, it should not be surprising that more women will eventually die of heart disease.
Interesting! Hearing that more women die of heart disease than men, I'd think that this is unfair to the women. Then I'm reminded that women live longer than men, and—duh—more often face afflictions associated with age. Now it sounds unfair to the men. I wish I had the same opportunity to get heart disease that women do!

I was thinking (also while driving), that this is analogous to frivolous lawsuits. It's a terrible injustice that the courts are used to squeeze people for money. But it's the wealthiest who get squeezed! A frivolous lawsuit, by definition, is a quest for cash, so the poor aren't afflicted by them. I wish I had enough money to be a victim of those lawsuits!
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