Monday, March 13, 2006

Tell your senators to censure President Bush

I read last night that Russ Feingold plans to submit a resolution censuring President Bush for warrantless surveillance. That post at Obsidian Wings suggested contacting senators to register our interest in this.

I copied contact information for my senators (Barack Obama and Dick Durbin) into my address book and planned to call them in the morning on my way to work.

This morning I discovered I'd forgotten to sync my phone to my computer, so my dreams of just entering in my senators' names and giving them a ring were shattered. I had to call 411 instead.

In each case, the 411 operators I talked to weren't familiar with the senators. "Is that B-A-M-A?"

Senator Obama's office didn't have a statement. That was pretty much that. I'd never called a senator's office before, and I completely forgot to mention that I had a statement of my own. Perhaps it's enough to make it known that I'm paying attention. The woman I talked to said that watching Senator Obama's home page might ultimately yield the answers I sought.

Senator Durbin's office didn't have a statement either, but they asked what my position was, so that was nice. They also told me that Senator Durbin's Washington office usually tracks the answers to the question I was asking a lot better, and would I like that phone number? It saved me another call to 411. The Washington office asked my ZIP code, but otherwise it was the same conversation.

Contact your senator too. Even if you're calling long distance, it's a short call. Each time I got a live human on the phone right away.

See also:Post script: Frist calls for censure vote "this afternoon or tonight." So if you haven't already registered your opinion, it may be too late. Who knew the government could act so fast?
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