Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Revelation at the vending machine.

The choice before me:
  1. Sprite (12oz.)
  2. Tropicana grape "juice" (16oz.)
I look at the Sprite can through the glass, and it says 140 calories. On the Tropicana, it says 150 calories. I know juice is loaded with calories, but I'm surprised it outpaces a can of sugar water. Calories per ounce, the juice is still ahead, but I still expect to drink all 150 calories by the end of the day. I buy the juice anyway since that's what I feel like having, and a few other things jump out at me once I get it back to my desk.
  • There are two servings in the bottle, so I'm really holding 300 calories.
  • Below the big "grape" label, it says, in smaller print, "flavored juice beverage from concentrate." It reminds me of Dad making fun of "pasteurized processed cheese food."
  • Near the top of the bottle, there's a stamp that says "JUL 21 04"
Oh yeah, and the "juice" was more expensive.
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