Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fun with signs.

CORPORATE FUN! is a list of phony signs to put in corporate workplaces. It reminds me of a piece of the Illuminatus Trilogy in which a group would put up signs purportedly from 'THE MGT' that said slightly offensive things like "don't spit on the floors" for subversive reasons I can't recall.

This list is the kind of thing to keep around for years until one of them actually happens. Then point out that years ago it was a joke. My favorite of the bunch is this:

Refrain from bringing toys, food, photographs, music CD's, books, magazines, mugs and other personal belongings with you. Your desk must be kept clean at all times and any unauthorized object found in your individual space after office hours will be thrown away. Not following the dress code previously provided while on office grounds can result in immediate termination of contract.
I like this one because it reminds me of a place I actually worked. There was a night shift that came in and used the same desks as the day shift, so everyone either shared space or just didn't use it. In some cases, the day people would own a desk and keep the night people from personalizing it. As a member of the night shift, it very much looked as though "the office is not your home."

Meanwhile, here's a real sign that's nearly as bad.
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