Monday, February 21, 2005

Popular opinion.

I read Power Line (and much more) through Bloglines, and one of its features is to tell me how many other blogs (that Bloglines also tracks) reference a particular entry. Something stuck out as I caught up last night.

From Friday, "A Joke..." has 6 references.

From Saturday, "Have They No Shame? No, Actually, They Don't" has 14 references (10 when I looked last night)

From Sunday, "The Insanity of the American Left" has 15 references (6 when I looked last night).

Also from Sunday, "Baathist Surrender In Works?" has 4 references (2 when I looked last night).

From this alone, I think,
  • People love a joke about Osama Bin Laden dead and disappointed (or maybe they like puns).
  • Attacking "the left" gets lots of responses.
  • Good jokes are more popular than (possible) good news from Iraq, neither of which can compete with attacking "the left."
I had a look at the links to the anti-left articles. In both cases, most of those linking to them were positive (i.e., the linkers agreed with what they were linking). From this I conclude that Power Line's attacks on "the left" are popular with its readers.

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