Friday, January 06, 2006

Premium Baby Chow

We've just switched our son to a hypoallergenic baby formula that our daughter had when she was a baby. He's clearly miserable about something, and he's making everyone else miserable as a result (with hour-long crying jags and a disinclination to sleep).

The stuff is expensive. Worst case scenario, he eats every two hours, and we keep buying it at Walgreens, and it will cost about $201.50 a month. Now, he doesn't really eat every two hours, and we can probably find a place cheaper (and less convenient) than Walgreens, but he's also going to eat more as he gets bigger. Our daughter doubled her birth weight by three months, and it's safe to say her tummy grew along the way.

The stuff brings back memories. This is the formula smell I remember from four years ago. I sat down for the first feeding with it, and the first whiff was a memory moment. Then, as now, I was chief bottle washer, and I smelled that odor every single day.

I recall hanging around the store in the early morning, waiting for it to open, so I could get some formula to my daughter before she woke up. I remember the nightly routine of the washing of the bottles (now, thankfully, made easier with a washing machine). I knew how many there were. I knew how many were clean. I knew how many we needed in a day, and I did the arithmetic on these numbers several times a day.

Anyway, I expect this stuff to keep yanking me back four years for a while, and I'm looking forward to it. If it also grants peace to my boy (and his family), that'll be worth the price too.
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