Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How to learn a language.

On a recent outing with my talkative daughter, she spotted a car with baby decorations in the window, and this launched her into a discussion of the stone cold fact that she is not a baby (and we therefore will not be getting baby decorations for the windows of our car). She enumerated her achievements as a big girl to further emphasize her point.

Among her distinctions, she said, she learned to talk.

How kids learn language is a pretty interesting topic. She's nowhere near having a conversation about it on Daddy's level, but this got me interested anyway. It can't hurt to ask her. She just did it recently, after all, so maybe she has some insight.

"Yeah," I said, "you learned to talk. How'd you do that?"

She answered immediately, "I just got better."

Can't argue with that. She elaborated, "you and Mommy teach me." This girl really knows her stuff. She still mixes up "got" and "have," but she certainly knows how she got what she has.
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