Friday, December 30, 2005

A few words about newborns.

It's been almost five years since my daughter was born. One nice thing about the second baby is that we already know how to handle it. I'm surprised by some of the little lessons I've retained over all this time. Here are a few.

Newborns like to be swaddled. The womb before delivery is pretty cramped quarters, and that's what baby is used to. What older human beans consider confining, newborns feel secure.

Remove socks before changing a dirty diaper. When baby plants a foot in the manure, it's easier to wipe it off a bare foot than it is to remove a stinky sock.

Before six weeks of age, a smile means baby has gas.

The baby will eat as long as you feed and then spit up what won't fit in a tiny tummy. You have to be smarter than the baby! Just because baby seems willing to eat more doesn't mean it can actually happen or that the baby is still hungry.

Babies are individuals. When our daughter was as old as our son is now, she was well hooked on the pacifier. Our son doesn't like the thing at all.

Newborns lack guile. There's no need to worry that the baby is tricking you into doing something that's not best. Older kids will cry in protest at bed time just to get Mom or Dad to show up and keep them company when they really need to rest. Newborns cry with sincerity.
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