Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Human origins overview taught in school

In an earlier post I suggested that a compromise in the Intelligent Design/Evolution debate might be to teach a class that's an overview of origin beliefs. It turns out someone tried that:
They created a new class -- under the heading of social studies -- that examines all the theories on human origins. Not only did the class cover evolution and creationism, it also surveyed Navajo beliefs, the Hindu creation story and a host of other perspectives.
How did that go over? Well, "...after two semesters, so few kids were interested in the subject there weren't enough to fill a course section."

This post (where I got the link) takes that to mean:
The creationists are not sincere about wanting their kids exposed to a diversity of alternative ideas...they just want their myths promoted, and they all fade away otherwise. I imagine the science-minded kids were also unenthusiastic about the course, since it wasn't going to give them the hard information they needed.
Of course, maybe the guy teaching the class was boring. As an elective, there was no reason for students to subject themselves to it.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that someone else had the same idea. I'd be interested also in whether it has been tried more places and what the results were there.
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