Friday, April 07, 2006

Bedtime story.

Whenever something inexplicable happened around the house, my daughter would say that a raccoon did it. Mommy's keys are missing? A raccoon took them. A pile of clothes are mysteriously cast from the couch to the carpet? A raccoon did it. She got this from a kid at school who had brought it from home and infected the whole class with it. Before learning that, my only explanation was that a raccoon had put the idea in her head.

Lately, the raccoon has been replaced with a leprechaun, but the leprechaun is far more sinister than the raccoon. My daughter wants to fight the leprechaun. Before bed tonight, she told me, when the leprechaun comes in her room, she will get out of bed and hit it. She'll kick it. She said she'd shoot it and put fire on it.

Daddy's wise reply: "no shooting in the house, sweetie."
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